10 Podcasts Every Online Store Owner Should Listen To

Podcasting is really catching on – and there is no shortage of great content being pumped out by talented individuals in ecommerce and online business, too. I enjoy podcasts because they are lively discussions – so a step up from a traditional article or blog post, and since most of these guys and gals do interviews, you get a refreshing mix of familiarity and something new, too. Long car and train rides are no longer monotonous – I just plug in my iPod and start catching up on episodes!

Here is a list of my favorites that I think every eCommerce buff should listen to(these are in no particular order):


andrew youderian

Hosted by Andrew Youderian – who built his own million-dollar plus ecommerce business – the eCommerceFuel podcast shares success stories from the likes of Diamond Candles, to the nitty gritties of buying and selling a business, and  advanced aspects of running a successful, scalable ecommerce business, whether it’s branding, reviving a failing business, or conversion optimization – and everything else in between, too. Andrew also does a “first-sale shoutout” at the beginning of each episode where he announces how a new entrant to ecommerce got their first sale.

Favorite episode: EP #31: 5 Key Principles To Increase Conversions With Francis Teo


leighton taylo

The EcommercePulse podcast is hosted by Leighton Taylor – who designs eCommerce websites for a living and has been building his own store since the past 6 months. Leighton talks about helpful tips and tricks to get your business off of the ground, and everyone will find something of value in his episodes, whether you are a seasoned professional or a novice just starting out. Leighton’s got a neat segment called “Quick Tip” where he shares something useful that he found online. I’ve had the pleasure of discussing a topic with him a few times, too.

Favorite episode: Ep 038: Drop Ship Lifestyle With Anton Kraly

Build My Online Store

terry lin

Terry Lin is the mind behind Build My Online Store. Terry was one of the first folks(if not THE first) to get into podcasting specifically about ecommerce, and what makes Build My Online Store unique is that Terry got into this subject as a newbie, and now, after nearly 100 episodes and talking to experts and success stories from diverse backgrounds, he is a seasoned, experienced pro about to launch his own brand and product!

Favorite episode: Episode #86: The 80/20 To $100,000 In 3 Months With Ben Hebert From Natural Stacks

Forever Jobless

billy murphy

When Billy Murphy started the Forever Jobless blog, he took the world by storm. His posts are incredibly in-depth, straightforward, and downright awesome. Billy is the kind of entrepreneur that can’t sit still, always working on one project or the next(at one point in time, he had an entire portfolio of ecommerce stores), and when it comes to problem solving in business, his approach is no-nonsense and out of the box. Billy has recently started a podcast where he brings the attitude that made him so successful through the written word into interviews and ecommerce how-to’s.

Favorite episode: FJP024: Why This 12 Year Old Girl Scout Is A Better Entrepreneur Than You

My Wife Quit Her Job

steve chou

Steve Chou of My Wife Quit Her Job has been running a successful wedding favors business for the past few years, and blogs about running an online store and general family finance on his website. He’s been blogging for quite a while now, and has a huge collection of super helpful blog posts that are a treasure trove for beginners to ecommerce. Steve has only recently launched his own podcast where he interviews other successful ecommerce business owners about what they did and how they did it to succeed.

Favorite episode: MHQHJ 004: How Viv And Joe Created Orbit Baby, An 8 Figure Business Selling High End Baby Strollers



Fizzle.co is the brainchild of Chase Reeves, Corbett Barr, and Caleb Wojcik, three entrepreneurs that have a passion for helping people. While the main focus of Fizzle.co is a membership community that has several courses related to starting an online business(that matters), they also discuss relevant topics on their podcast, the Fizzle Show. Chase, Corbett, and Caleb mix it up between solid business advice, entertainment, and the occasional inside joke, making the Fizzle show a must listen. You will walk away inspired and entertained.

Favorite episode: Getting To The First Sale (FS026)



Run by Dan Andrews and Ian Shoen, by the time you get through the 200+ solid episodes they’ve already released, you will have an MBA of your own! Dan and Ian focus on businesses that can be built around location independence – something that you could run from anywhere in the world, any time. They are lifestyle entrepreneurs at their best. I know most of us that start online stores do so in the hope of achieving location independence, so listening to Dan and Andrew once a week will definitely put you on the right track!

Favorite episode: TMBA 233: Stop, Drop(ship), and Roll in the Profit

Smart Passive Income

pat flynn

You can find Pat Flynn over at his blog, Smart Passive Income. Pat is a super helpful, down-to-earth guy that makes his entire living online. Pat’s philosophy is building passive income streams which continue to make money, even after you stop working on them regularly. In his podcast, he talks about a wide variety of topics, from passive income ideas to online marketing and ranking – if you need some out of the box ideas for marketing your website, or if you want to build a passive side income, Pat’s your guy. Pat has also released a new podcast called “Ask Pat” where listeners can submit questions and Pat answers them on his show.

Favorite episode: SPI 101 : A Look Into the Business of One Smart Passive Income Student

Duct Tape Marketing

john jantsch

Started by John Jantsch, the core belief of Duct Tape Marketing is that every small business needs to have a solid, regular, and documented marketing workflow. This is where most of us fail(myself included). We try the “spaghetti-on-the-wall” method, saying “oh, yeah, I’ll try this, maybe, hmm, let’s see” and never get anywhere. On the podcast, topics related to marketing and running a small business – online or offline – form the bulk of the discussion. Regularity and methodology are a must for any business to succeed.

Favorite episode: How to Find Your Personal Value Proposition

Niche Pursuits

spencer haws

Spencer Haws is the brains behind Niche Pursuits. While Spencer’s focus is mainly on smaller, laser-targeted niche sites, I believe that most of the principles he uses could and should be implemented by ecommerce stores, especially smaller niche stores. Spencer has built hundreds of websites over his career, and he is a master when it comes to researching easy to rank for keywords.

Favorite episode: Podcast 23: How to Build Links the Right Way with Jon Cooper

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Shabbir! Great list–I’m honored to be part of it.

  2. Andrew Youderian says:

    Thanks, Shabbir! Really appreciate you including me on the list. 🙂

  3. Good list Shabbir. The last 2 were new to me so will definitely be checking them out. I almost miss the long commute I had before I started my online store because at least it gave me plenty of time to listen to these podcasts.

    • Shabbir says:

      Thank you Carole – let me know what you think of them! Yeah, I usually have a backlog of episodes to catch up on that I eventually do on long train and car rides.

  4. Awesome post – this was exactly what I have been looking for! Really excited to start listening to some of these!

  5. Great list post! This becomes especially useful with your addition of your favorite episode per podcast, providing an excellent, personalized point of entry. Love your ebook, keep up the good work.

    • Shabbir says:

      Hello Ken,

      Thanks for the kind words – I’m glad you liked the eBook. Let me know how Budget Path works out! It looks exciting.

  6. You got me hooked on TropicalMBA. He mentions a few times that he loves Grasshopper- have you ever used it? I can see how it would be awesome for putting a professional image on your young start up.

    • Shabbir says:

      Hey Josh, I tried signing up for Grasshopper once but there was an issue with their system so I went with another provider instead. In the future, I’ll definitely go with them, though, since their features beat any other providers by a mile.

  7. Previously I wasn’t know about the power of podcasts and after reading your article I came to know about it nicely. Thanks for sharing this crucial info.

  8. You missed the Travel Like a Boss Podcast mostly about dropshipping and eCommerce.

  9. Whoa, i didnt know that there were podcasts for Ecommerce a well. Thank you Shabbir for sharing this article with us.

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