Picking The Right Niche With Shopify Contest Winners Drones Etc.


I hope you all are as excited about this post as I am! I had the privilege of interviewing Shopify’s Build-A-Business contest winner Shawn Rowland of Drones Etc. Shawn and his partner Jonathan Baird have always wanted to start a business together. They tried three times before the fourth business – this one – took off. [...]

Turning My Online Store Into An Amazon Affiliate Site

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Big news: Last month(April), I turned my store into an Amazon Affiliates website. I’m no longer selling my own drop-shipped goods. Instead, I’m funneling traffic to Amazon.com using affiliate links, adapting the revenue model advocated by many such as Spencer Haws and Jon Haver. This post is going to be VERY transparent – I’ll be sharing Analytics [...]

4 Marketing Automating Mistakes That Will Cost You


Today I’m excited to bring you a guest post by Josh Ludin of NeverJobHunt.com. Josh Ludin  is a serial experimenter with various forms of making money online, and writes about his successes, and most importantly, failures at NeverJobHunt.com. He’s a huge hockey fan and player, and aims to step foot on 6 of 7 continents. The ecommerce industry is [...]

10 Lessons From The World’s Best Product Description

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When it comes to selling online, your product descriptions are the most important factor when it comes to getting people to buy. If you walked into a traditional store and had questions, there would be a salesman there to help you choose and answer any questions. In an online store, your description has to play [...]

The Email Marketing Opportunity You May Be Ignoring


This is a guest post by Ed Hallen of Klaviyo, an email marketing platform for ecommerce merchants Did you know that welcome emails have a 60-80% open rate? Considering that newsletters average a 20% open rate, you don’t have to be a “glass half full” kind of person to realize how impressive that is. And yet, [...]

10 Podcasts Every Online Store Owner Should Listen To


Podcasting is really catching on – and there is no shortage of great content being pumped out by talented individuals in ecommerce and online business, too. I enjoy podcasts because they are lively discussions – so a step up from a traditional article or blog post, and since most of these guys and gals do [...]

How To Add A Custom Email Opt-In Box To BigCommerce

Building your email list is one of the most crucial things you can do to set up your store for success. When a customer trusts you enough to give you their email, that tells you two things: a) They like you b) They are willing to hear from you repeatedly Half the battle is already [...]

The Right Way To Set Up Free Shipping In BigCommerce

coupon codes

Free shipping is a huge factor in reducing the number of abandoned carts and increasing your overall conversion rate. The conventional wisdom for free shipping on ecommerce stores(especially drop ship stores) is to have a rule of sorts – all purchases above X amount receive free shipping. I’ve experimented with a lot of ways to [...]

How To Make Guest Checkout The Default In BigCommerce

Bigcommerce guest checkout settings

Nothing turns me off of buying something online more than the store forcing me to register for an account before I can complete the purchase. Usually, I’m so disgusted when I see this that I just go look for that item somewhere else right away. When people come to your store, you want to make [...]

How to add credit card logos to BigCommerce checkout


Trust symbols like credit card logos and security seals make a big difference in building confidence in your customer’s mind, especially if you are a relatively small and unknown retailer. BigCommerce doesn’t come with this functionality out of the box, but adding these symbols is pretty simple business, no matter what theme you are using. [...]